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Download Free Fire Mod Menu APK v1.98.1 and get unlimited diamonds, health, and ammo for free. Unlock all features and resources, customize your character and weapons, and dominate the battlefield with ease. Play with friends and family, unlock new locations and challenges, and enjoy an ad-free and enhanced gaming experience with better graphics. Download Free Fire Mod Menu APK v1.98.1 now and become the ultimate champion of the battle royale.


In Free Fire Mod Menu APK, every player strives to climb the ranks and amass every premium item and legendary skin. There are two methods to do this: either by playing the game regularly for a long time and taking part in each event to earn the skins, or by downloading the Free Fire Menu APK and using it to unlock your favorite stuff.

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Since the Free Fire Mod Menu APK app’s introduction, many versions of it have been made, some of which include unfinished builds or missing features that could affect your game. Get the most recent version of the Free Fire Mod Menu APK right now by using the download link provided below.

Game Info

App NameFree Fire Menu APK
Last UpdatedToday



Phantom Mode
One of the parts of the program I like the best is this mode. By making them practically invisible, it turns my character into the ideal stealth predator. My adversaries cannot see me, but I can easily see them, allowing the few to evade me as I prepare my strikes on the targeted individuals. As the safe zone is rapidly approaching and there are still quite a few players left, ghost mode enables you to kill everyone and anyone covertly, giving you that BOOYAH!

Adaptive Headshot
Do you think you can achieve a certain number of headshot kills under duress? I was able to kill all of my enemies in the arena with headshots thanks to the free-fire menu, making me the best survivor. You gain more points and develop into a beast in the game as you score more headshots.

No Rebound
I can attest to the inconvenience of recoil, which scatters my shots and wastes rounds. Even if you need to reload your weapon, even if you have a more advanced weapon, if your opponent has better control over their gun’s recoil, you can be eliminated sooner.

Auto Aim
This setting enables you to fire at will by automatically moving your scope to your target. The mode advances your sight systematically for you from one enemy to another when there are multiple targets.

Object Lock
If you simply use auto-aim, your aim may be automatically switched to another opponent before the previous one is slain, so you would need to activate this mode in addition to it. This is because it locks onto a target until it is eliminated or killed. The enemy is locked on by Aim Lock until they are defeated.

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Menu for Speed Run
Free Fire Increase your running speed by two times to enter the safe zone more quickly or escape heavily-fired areas where you face the risk of dying more quickly.

Evening Mode
To turn the game’s day into night, activate this.

Fast Car
Every vehicle can be sped up to quickly collide with an opponent’s vehicle. But, since the car engines are still running, don’t count on surprising your adversaries.

No grass, trees, or haze
This option removes the trees, grass, and fog from your end, exposing everyone around, so nothing will stop you from identifying your foes once it’s active.

Quickly reload and fire.
Boost your firing and reloading rates to do more damage more quickly than before.


Free Fire Mod Menu APK 2023 is a phenomenal tool that offers Free Fire Mod Menu APKusers a tonne of useful features. You can easily get this program from the aforementioned website. See the procedures below.

  1. Click the button that says “Download Free Fire Mod Menu APK” above.
  2. Launch the download manager after selecting “Third Party App Installation” in the options.
  3. To begin the installation procedure, click on the Free Fire APK file that was downloaded.
  4. Give the process access to all the settings and permissions it requests.
  5. Follow all of the on-screen instructions to finish the installation.
  6. Once the installation is finished, use the FF app to use the features.

Previous Version

The Free Fire Mod Menu APK for Android makes it simple to install or revert to a prior version. This arcade software suite is among the best.

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System Requirements

2GB RAM or higher
2GB Free Space or higher
Android OS 6.0 or higher


True, the Free Fire Mod Menu APK allows us to earn an infinite amount of diamonds and unlock premium stuff.

The anti-ban feature of the Free Fire Mod Menu APK is included; however, we do not advise using it on your primary account.

Yes, it is possible to install this FF menu without first rooting the smartphone.


Without a question, Free Fire Menu APK has made it simple for players to win battles, even if they are new to the game. You can obtain limitless powers and premium stuff for nothing if you use this FF menu. Personal testing by members of our team revealed that the injector is safe for use on all Android devices and that it is compatible with them. Even though the menu tool has a built-in feature to prevent you from getting banned, we advise using it on a different account simply for fun.

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