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One of the most advanced add-ons for mobile gamers is Octopus PRO APK, which makes it easier to connect peripherals including controllers, keyboards, Mouse, and more. Regardless of whether the games are supported or not, it will be simpler for them to play. But the app’s user-friendliness and clean appearance are just the beginning; it also has fantastic features that will make users feel like pro gamers.

Octopus Pro APK

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Download the most recent Octopus Pro APK for free at Actogames.com to use the app’s unlocked PRO features. Story. Mobile gaming is changing right now.

App Info

App NameOctopus Pro APK
Mod InfoFor Android
Last UpdatedToday


  • Direct downloads of the software are available from third-party websites in any version. You can access their programme archives, which may comprise the majority of versions, and download the one you might need
  • Unlike the Play Store, downloading happens immediately; you don’t have to wait for the verification process, etc
  • You will find an APK file after downloading it on your memory card or in the system memory. This means that each time you delete and reinstall, nothing needs to be downloaded
  • Lighter Size
  • The majority of the time, Google does not approve of apps that are obtained through unauthorised sources. Consequently, damage to your phone is possible
  • APK files may include malware that corrupts or steals data from your phone


Superior Compatibility: Gamepads, Mouse, keyboards, and other peripherals are all compatible with the Octopus app. Most gamers prefer Octopus Pro APK over other apps since it requires little configuration and works with the majority of devices.
The Octopus App can assist you in connecting your keyboard, gamepad, or mouse to your mobile device for a fantastic gaming experience, regardless of the brand that you are using. At the moment, Octopus also works with Dual Shock 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Gamesir, IPEGA, Logitech, Razer, and other generic gamepads.
Enjoy Preset Key Mapping: to add any mobile game to the Octopus Pro APK software, you must map the key. This procedure takes a lot of time, but you must complete it flawlessly.
The developer has already pre-programmed a number of key mappings for more than 30 well-known games, which is good news. You don’t need to waste time mapping the key when you might be playing the game instead. If your game is included in the preset, simply choose it and start playing right away.
Many Distinct Modes: Just as game genres vary, so do their control configurations. Every game genre has unique control system characteristics. For instance, in MOBA games, the action and skill buttons are on the right, and the navigation keys are on the left. However, the layout of the buttons varies in the majority of shooting games.
When designing the Octopus Pro APK, the Octopus team was aware of this distinction. In order to enable speedy switching between the gamepad and keyboard, the application offers a range of control modes. Each mode allows you to play games of any genre and alters the controls so that you can more easily enjoy the gameplay.

Clean RAM: in addition to CPUs, RAM is a vital component that enhances the gaming experience. The smoother the game runs, the more RAM the device has available. You can clear the RAM in a number of ways before you start playing a game. The Octopus Pro program can quickly clean the RAM on your device without the need to spend time closing down each program one by one. The game will operate more smoothly and without lag once the RAM has been fully optimized.
Record the Gameplay Video: With the help of this practical tool, you can record your screen and capture the most memorable moments from your favorite game. One can capture and export a video of live gameplay for people who want to share their great gaming memories.

How To Install

The features for the Octopus Pro APK are complete. Start downloading the game file from the aforementioned website after a little pause. After the download is finished, the file will change to allow security resets from unknown sources until the game is properly installed. Open the app file right now to start installing it, then come back to Octopus Pro APK Infinity to use the app.

Previous Version

On Actogames.com, all previous iterations of Octopus are completely free and virus-free.

System Requirements

• Operating System: Above Android 5.0
• RAM: 2GB
• Processor: Octa-Core Processor
• Storage: 35MB


It is available to download for free from the Google Play Store. The app has already been published, so you may buy it right now from the store.

It is absolutely unlawful to use an app (Octopus) that is restricted in your nation. However, you can use the app to do things like cancel an account, get content, or get money. Using a VPN, you can access it from another country. We strongly warn against using it with a VPN, as it can get you into trouble with the law.

If you need to access Octopus via a VPN for any of the reasons listed below, use one of the VPNs below. Additionally, they are quick and easy to use and provide complete help as well as security.

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN


Overall, we covered every specific detail there is to know about the Octopus Pro APK software. You are playing the game properly and having a satisfying gaming experience by using this program. You can pick this ideal application at random if you wish to play games with a mouse, gamepad, or keyboard. You can use it to play the game on your mobile device with an additional hardware connection. You must deal with various restrictions in this application that are different from the original edition. For free access to all PRO unlocked features, we offer the PRO MOD version. To access all unlocked pro features in this application, try our Pro MOD version.

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